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A little poem  I made for our “bouquet-to-go” on our wedding day

Have you ever stepped to admire the twists and turns of an ivy vine

or noticed the way the head blooming roses in a full bouquet?

All plants and flowers have wonderful, quirky charms which represent feelings.

The Victorians believe that flowers are the language of love, so do we

On this special evening of ours, we have spared some stems to bloom your day

Hope you like them like we do …

The Bride & Groom

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Wedding Decoration

Ok, it is time to post my wedding decoration.

It was by Lotus Design.

I made the right choice, They exceeded all my expectation.

I like the way they work. They provided me  with a proposal which include a sketch drawing of the wedding decoration. Other decorators only give me a sketch of their pencil drawing and the estimated budget for the decoration — all these on our first and only meeting.  They didn’t bother to follow up with a real sketch with color themes.

I appreciate Lotus for doing an extra mile.

So, here is the sketch they gave us before wedding day. This was how our wedding stage should look like…


The layout for 33 sitting dinner table  and holy matrimony…

denah Orlena & YuliusThen a week before the wedding, they will sent you the model of your wedding stage(information on the size of stage).  Hotel banquet will need this information since they usually provide the  stage foundation.

Mulia, 31-08-08-ModelAnd here is my wedding stage for our sitting dinner reception at Ballroom 2, Hotel Mulia Senayan.

sitting dinner

I will update with more pictures on foyer, and holy matrimony decoration later 🙂

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I still have a proposal for centerpiece flowers from Lotus Design, which will give you a basic information on how much a flower arrangement worth.

Love your flowers!

centerpiece flowerPS: Price as of May 2008

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Fresh from the oven from Eric & Cicil wedding today.

Always love the decoration from Lotus Decor. I sneak to the ballroom after the holy matrimony is over, and look what I found 🙂

Here’s a sneak-a-peek of their wedding decor tonite at Diamond Ballroom Hotel Nikko, Jakarta. Please mind the photo quality, all taken with my blackberry :p

Again, two thumbs up for Lotus Design. Can’t wait for the wedding party tonight …

PS: For both holy matrimony & wedding decoration at Nikko Ballroom, they spend approx.90million IDR

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martha2Another recommendation for Kopaka Wedding Cake.  One of my best friend –  Martha& Dicky also chose Kopaka for their wedding cake.

They held the wedding in the grand ballroom of Hotel Papandayan;  which can accomodate more than 1000peeps.  They spent  1,5mio IDR for the wedding cake (dummy cake only) .

*Price include real cake for cake cutting ceremony (suap-suapan), 1 complimentary real cake (diameter 10cm) for bride and groom, decorated knife, cake table, table linen, and on-duty cake officer

It was a 3-Layer dummy wedding cake, with a big white icing flower topper, and icing flower in-between each layers. The topping and icing flowers enhance the height of the cake and make it looks bigger and taller.

I love the color and simple decoration of the cake.


Tips : To get a good deal, Martha cut out all the complimentary real cake (which usually given to families at the end of ceremony) to only 1 cake (only for B&G) — I think this is a good tips for all bride-to-be.

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cakeMy  choice goes to Kopaka Cake (– recommended by my brother)

Main office is in Bandung, but they do have showroom at Kelapa Gading. They are  famous for the “Layer Cake”, so make sure you put this on your selection.

They have no problem on producing all-real wedding cake, but design will be very limited.  You can’t use too many icing as the weight will damage the cake (kuenya mejret nanti :p)

Here’s a peek on my wedding cake, a 2 Layer wedding cake (all real cake) covered by white chocolate — tied with pink ribbon, fresh rose flower as cake topper and red grapes as decoration.

Dealt directly on one of wed exhibition with Ko Khiau Sen at a price of IDR4,5mio. (April 2008)

Actually a bit disappointed to see such small cake for that price, no one noticed that I have a wedding cake on that day. Well, note this : if you wed at Mulia Ballroom (or any hotel ballroom  that can hold 3000 peeps),  do pick a minimum of 5-Layer cake! Should have followed the advice from Ko Khiau Sen 🙂  (I thought he was just doing some marketing stuff that time…)

Since I got good feedback from families (cake is yummy), I am quite happy with my choice.

PS: If you want a matching wedding cake with your room decoration, usually you can deal with the decorator to spare some flowers for your wedding cake.

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Harvest Cake

03042009(003)Harvest Cake http://www.harvestcakes.com – one of the favorite cake shop in Jakarta also offer wedding cake service!

For wedding cake consultation, make sure you visit their Senopati outlet — the one and only chef/baker specialized in wedding cake is stationed here.

The price list is very simple and easy to understand, it is fully customized, you just need to choose the diameter size, quantity of layer, and real/dummy cake on each layer.

Here go the pricing (per layer) – June 2009 :

Real Cake : D10  Rp.300.000, D15 Rp.400.000, D20 Rp.550.000, D25 Rp.800.000, D30 Rp.1.150.000, D35 Rp.1.500.000, D40 Rp1.850.000, D45 Rp.2.200.000, D50 Rp.2.550.000, D55 Rp.3.000.000, D60 Rp.3.500.000

*Real wedding cake is using their famous Chocolate Devil

Dummy with Flower : D10  Rp.100.000, D15 Rp.150.000, D20 Rp.200.000, D25 Rp.300.000, D30 Rp.400.000, D35 Rp.500.000, D40 Rp650.000, D45 Rp.800.000, D50 Rp.950.000, D55 Rp.1.100.000, D60 Rp.1.250.000

Dummy Plain : D10  Rp.75.000, D15 Rp.100.000, D20 Rp.150.000, D25 Rp.225.000, D30 Rp.275.000, D35 Rp.400.000, D40 Rp500.000, D45 Rp.600.000, D50 Rp.700.000, D55 Rp.800.000, D60 Rp.900.000

They are quite new in this industry, so the cake design are still very basic (don’t compare with other specialized wedding cake vendor). If you are looking for enhanced design, I would not recommend them.

Note that price are for cakes only, it does not include cake table, table linen, decorated knife, and person-on-duty on wedding day — which is something you really have to consider…do you really bother to cut  cakes for families on your wedding day ????


My favorite  is, whether it’s dummy/real, all cakes are fully yours…Bring it home, You can keep your wedding cake as your keep-sake 🙂



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