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I got this from Surya, to restart your phone to factory default :


phonecode 12345

Biar ga lupa, gue catet di blog aja d Sur :p

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First Day ?

October 2008…it’s been a while since I start working as a new hire — 5 year + already.

Tried to recall my former first day experience with N2C & NSN. Hmm, amazingly I don’t quite remember my first day in N2C (first job should be memorable, right :p) Well, I can only remember that they brought me to a desk where I can see my name stick on it, then I have this ritual where they take me around and introduce to the whole team (including Rajawali group member that time). I then spend some days hopping from one computer to another to get email and Internet connection, until I got my own laptop.

With NSN (formerly Siemens), on the very first day I’m busy with many form for domain, email, and bla bla bla registration and activation. Then followed by a photo session for my ID card. Then I got the ritual again, where they bring us around. I remember that I got this big desktop before I got my own laptop in a week and start working ever since…

I have to say that I got a better start with ALU, they have prepared a crucial equipment for a new comer :p (read: your own laptop + Internet connection!!!). They also hand me this new mobile office number (too bad not with the mobile phone :p I will have to wait).  I got some (read: many) ex-NSN friends here to introduce me to the right crowd and show me the right way to toilet or pantry (where I found this precious hot Milo maker). So here I am blogging from the new desk, with the new Lenovo laptop, sipping a hot Milo, but wearing my old Senheisser :p

One thing that never changes :  I can’t remember most of the new colleagues name.  Always need months to name each and every one correctly.  Gotta work hard on this one, wish me luck…

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The Vow

Yulius Winata,

From this day forward, all that I am, all that I have, I offer you in love and in joy.

I will love and comfort you, hold you close, prize you above the others, and remain faithful to you all the days of our life.

I will be the mother of your childres, to care, love, and raise them in God’s grace.

As Ruth 1:16 says:

Don’t force me to leave you, don’t make me go home

Where you go, I go and where you live, I’ll live

Your people are my people, your God is my God

Where you die, I’ll die and that’s where I’ll be buried,

so help me God – not even death itself is going to come between us!

I love you..

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