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doodie – goldie accordnya papa juju…

Welcome to the club,Dood!

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my strength
my passion
my spirit
my future
and my hope

#dedicated to beamy …

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A Thankful Christmas

2 minggu yg lalu dibagikan kertas kecil (sebesar post it standard)utk kita menuliskan apa yg kita syukuri di hari Natal ini.
Sebenarnya kertas segitu ga cukup banget utk eike. 2007 is a very great year for me,God showered me with His blessing all thru the year.

My blessing list :
1. My dad is still here with us, setelah keluar masuk RS,really thank that he can go home and be with us. Only by God’s grace we can have him here.
2. NSN Rocks! mulai dr employee status,job grade,dan benefits yg diterima dr perusahaan (incl.all the trips)
I learn a lot,Amazing!!
3. Pelayanan di Multimedia team, a tough challenge of faith.
4. Passing R-Rated, showing a next level of our relationship.
5. COB completed, next COL! My first Baptisan Roh Kudus..
6. Start and learn to tithe
7. My brother’s wedding, a really nice party! Memorable..
8. Meet the parents, unforgetable! It’s an honor to be trusted.
9. New friends,new colleagues,lively life.
10. Family’s bonding is getting stronger
11. I almost forget this one,Rumah akhire jadi juga…after complicated story of renovation 🙂
12. Got my own car!!!
and the list continues….

Christmas is about thankful on what Jesus Christ have given us.
Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus.
On my knee I will worship you…

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Hi,I’m testing to blog via my mobile phone.
test test test…let’s see the result.

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